Friday, 17 October 2014

ITunes for Windows 32Bit and 64Bit


Download ITunes for Windows 32Bit and 64Bit :

iTunes is free multimedia and software organizing application for your PC. Not only does it let you to organize and play digital music, TV shows, movies, audiobooks and iOS applications, but it also enables you to synchronize all your collected data with all portables devices from Apple (such as iPhones, iPods and iPads). Process of gathering media and apps can be done by importing your own data from your PC, or on very user friendly online store that offers industry leading amounts of content. Purchases made on Apple iTunes store can be shared with all of your devices, which enable you to enjoy that content wherever you are. Recently, iTunes also got full support for sharing data with iCloud service, mostly for transferring and syncing images between your home computer and mobile devices.

iTunes first appeared on the market in January of 2001, some 10 months before the premiere of the first iPod. From that moment on, popularity of this app grew with tremendous rate, very quickly becoming the most widely used digital music shopping service in the world. As time went on, iTunes offerings were expanded, covering purchase or free download of ebooks, podcasts, music videos, TV shows and movies. Failed attempt of integrating social service Ping led to the more popular integration of Twitter and Facebook services.

If you own any of the iOS devices, use if iTunes will enable you to organize and purchase your media and mobile applications with ease. Another great addition is powerful Cloud Sync feature which transfers all of your purchases automatically across all of your devices.

What`s New in iTunes:

iTunes Radio
iTunes Radio is a great new way to discover music. Choose from over 250 stations or start a new one from your favorite artist or song. Enjoy iTunes Radio ad-free once you subscribe to iTunes Match.

Genius Shuffle
Introducing a magical new way to experience your music library. Choose Genius Shuffle and iTunes instantly plays songs that go great together. Click it again to hear something new—enjoying your music has never been this easy.

Podcast Stations
You can now create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes. Your stations, subscriptions, and current play position sync over iCloud to the Podcasts app.

Sync with iOS 8 (iPhone 6)
You can now use iTunes to sync your favorite music, movies, and more to devices with iOS 8. In addition, iTunes now makes it even easier to quickly organize and sync apps to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


32 BIT

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