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How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview


How To Install Windows 8 , 8.1 , 10 Technical Preview : 

It is similar to install either windows 8,8.1 or 10 Technical Preview on your PC , So I am going to elucidate the installation of Windows 10  Technical Preview :

You Can Install windows 10 preview through two ways. 1. Through DVD drive and 2. Through Pen Drive
Let’s See the First method First :
First Download Windows 10 Preview ISO file from given below link either it is PRO or Enterprise.
Then Write the ISO file on DVD by using any ISO file burner software. If you don’t have any writer software then donwload one of the following Image burning software
2.Power ISO (preferred)
If you downloaded and installed Nero , Use burn image file to Disk option to Burn the Windows 10 Preview to DVD.
Or easy and effective image burning tool Power ISO tool. Directly double click on ISO file it’ll open the power ISO tool then select write image file to disk option.
As same as use other software to burn image of windows 10 ISO file to a DVD.
After burn process successful, insert the DVD into DVD drive and restart your PC, By pressing esc or F1 or F7 or Dlt you can go through your system BIOS. In BIOS search and change the First Boot priority to DVD using F10 key and Y,  you can save the BIOS settings. Then your system’ll restart and when press any key to boot from cd will appear on your screen press any key , now  windows 10 will load as like below image

The installation will begin with the blue flag image, just like Windows 8.x
After you choose your language and click Next, click the Install now button.

To get started, click the Install now button.
As you work through the wizard, choose the Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) and the 25 GB hard drive. Format it, The installation procedure will then begin. As Windows Setup progresses, you'll be prompted to restart your system. Becareful when you choose drive to install , Install the copy in only C. ( make sure you are installing windows 10 in only C )

The Above picture is combination of three stages first stage you need to select Custom : Install windows only ( Usually second option ) , The next step is choosing a drive partition for install windows make sure that the selection of drive partition must be , Local Disk C in your previous Operating system. remember the size of the drive , normally The System drive has low memory capacity i.e.,the drive looks like 25 GB or more than and lesser than other drive partitions.

At this stage, you'll speed things up by selecting Express settings.
Select Use Express Settings .
The colorful information screens play throughout the rest of the installation.
Soon, you'll be prompted to restart your system one more time, and then you'll see the Windows 10 interface with its new hybrid Start Menu/Start Screen

During the process the system shutdown sometimes . and every time it restarted it asks press any key to boot from CD and make sure that you must not press any key once the installation started. So you need to press any key on keyboard only one time. after that never press keys while the system getting restarted.
After the Above process completes your windows 10 desktop will appear 

that's it you successfully installed and learned the install of a operating system on your PC. 

Second Method : 
You can install a fresh copy of Windows Operating system through Pen drive also..
Installing windows 10 through pen drive is like as installing through DVD drive. If you want to install windows 10 through pen drive you need flash tools , so, download flash tools for windows now.
1.       Power ISO
2.       Unetbolt
3.       Microsoft  flash tool (recommended)
Download one of the tool above given
 By using power ISO you can create a bootable ISO file so, download and install POWER ISO ,Open Power ISO software, now go to tools and select Create bootable removal drive option then it’ll open another window where you need to select the ISO file and pendrive and then select ok. Wait until the process complete then restart your PC and go through BIOS by pressing asserting key of your motherboard manufacture…Usually Esc, F1 ,F2 or F7 and Del keys…Search for first boot device and select priority to Removal the settings now…after system restarted press any key to boot from drive….and then follow the process as same as installation through DVD drive… 

If you want to create bootable Removal drive through Microsoft's USB Flash tool , it is very easy to create. after installing USB Flash Tool , a window will appear it looks very easy to understand , simply select ISO file and then select Pen drive path wait for the process to be end and now you have a bootable Usb Drive..

Note: if you want to upgrade from windows xp to windows 10 , when you trying to install microsoft's USB flash tool you must install two components they are : 

After installation of these two components only you can able to install USB flash Tool.

Things to remind : 
  • make sure that you are going to install a fresh copy of Operating System on your PC in only Drive Partition C . usually the administrators give low memory size for it or before you install new OS note your Size of Local Disk C . It'll be easier to install the OS in the correct partition.
  • You need to press key on keyboard only one time in the first time  when it asks for press any key to boot from CD . Because during installation the system will shutdown several times. you must not press key second time . If you press a key on second time , The installation process starts again
Once the installation is complete , you can able to activate Windows 10 :

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